Ridge to Reef farm, or VISFI (virgin islands sustainable farming institute) is located  on the agricultural island of St Croix. The farm is in the “rainforest” although it is not one in technical terms that is what it is known as to the locals. Like many young farms and educational centers this place is continually transforming. The goal is to work the land and be able to someday provide organically grown food for 1% of the U.S Virgin Islands. The farm is growing quickly with more than doubling in CSA shares after the first year. They send out shares to all three of the USVI’s, St Croix, St Thomas and St John. While also creating a space that can be educational, a tourism attraction, and a place to just come and reorient to your wild or more natural self. The farm is off the grid, functioning primarily off of solar energy. I’m fortunate to be able to come and work in exchange for learning about the plants, people, and inner workings of a rapidly growing farm. It is worth a visit should you ever find yourself on the island of St Croix. To learn more visit their site at  http://www.ridge2reef.org/.