Though It could not feel less like thanksgiving for me … the Christmas items already on display at Cost You Less have caused me to sink into ‘holiday reflection.’ I like monumental moments in time, the whole ‘this time last year I was..’ and then sitting back thinking, damn who woulda’ thought I’d be here right now. Love that. Holidays, birthdays, seasons … any of it works. Though the annual transition into the dark and cold of winter, bringing the family together, all the smells tastes and feelings of the holidays make reflecting in this time of year a fuller experience. However with reggae music and pina coladas, and not a single person I knew this time last year around me, it sure is not the sensory experience I’m used to having this time of the year. Each holiday offers a little space for a new tradition, a little opportunity. I have lovely friends, and beautiful people around me down here, and there’s ideas throwing around about boat thanksgivings..grill outs.. and being the dinner party lover that I am, I am surprisingly disinterested. I spose a calender isn’t enough to jostle my spirits.

This time last year; (I’ll keep it brief) I was just plugging through long hours at a few different jobs. I was pretending I wasn’t about to end the lovely relationship I was in, and was selling and giving away anything of sentimental or monetary value I had. Just making the space was all I could think to do, just make room for the life that was calling me. 

I did it. Blindly, I found the life that was calling me. I was looking for simple freedom, to see the world and the passionate work to make it better. The freedom I feel through and through. Each day If I can surf, do yoga and make more money than I spend, it is a little masterpiece. Right now the holiday decorations have moved in me a realization that I have forgotten my ode to service. I deeply believe in our purposeful presence among each other and that it is to Explore, Love and Serve. My interests in farming, sustainable development, community activism all of it was to make small positive movements in the world. I will admit that boat projects, my diving courses, surfing, yoga … it’s all made me forget about the rest of the world. I hardly make it to the internet these days, and most my evenings are spent sitting out on the ocean plucking the guitar and thinking about MY SELF. I’m little nauseous thinking how me-centric I have been. I am a passionate lady, with visions, ideas and energy to share. My gift for the holidays is to reorient myself to my service to the rest of the world. Starting with Thanksgiving. Then every day after that. This wonderful article in Yes! magazine about women, and voices and service. About not looking away from the sorrow in the world that is in need. At this pivotal time in our existence as Humanity. Its important to get out of ourselves and into the world.

 I feel like we are building this new bridge. I hope we can finish it in time. There are these two parallel realities that we’re facing: the old consciousness and the new consciousness. What will bring us together? Disasters? Economic crisis? Our awareness?


Happy holidays, and reflections. Bless.