Today is my first day off in a while.. that is truly all to myself. No obligations to work or care taking, and nothin’ but time. I got to thinking when I was paddling out for a morning surf today..that I could live like this forever. I don’t need much, just this simple sweetness. I have a place to live on my boat. A job I love at the dive shop. A guitar, and friends to play and sing with. I get to surf in between all the things I need to do. I cant think of a thing more I could want or need. Besides of course more of the people I love being a little closer. It seems that with less in our lives, things feel much fuller. I have found contentment with evenings on my boat, a glass of wine, some music and I couldn’t think of a better place to be. Definitely not a crowded bar, or a house party. I feel that I’m living now, not looking for any more than what is here and now. I’m sure I’ll need to look again but for now I’m just sinking into this place in space. Life just is, if we can just be. Bless.