What is the Self?

We talk about losing yourself, then finding it again, or discovering pieces of it halfway through our lifetimes. Sometimes we just are trying to get to know our Self. To better it, corral it, and mold it. Maybe you need to sit on a mountain for 3 days and 3 nights if the Self is especially seeking. At a point in life many of us will get wrapped up in someone else’s Self. Then you might have to take a few steps back..go out and find your Self again.

So I’m here on this Island with My Self. I’m settled in, car, boat/home, bike..job..and I just paid for a year of registration for my car and I can’t be outlasted by me registration, so I must stay. Lately though I keep getting hit, or slammed really, with the question ‘So, uh what do you do?.’ And i scramble for a moment, and then have finally settled in with ‘I’m not really sure yet.’ Is that so bad? I’m just trying to find my Self! I want to yell, inappropriately and then make them feel bad for asking such a lofty question that implies I need a tagline for my Self. They want something simple back like, I farm. I work at a bank. I’m a nanny. Whatever it is. It is not that I don’t do anything, I do lots of things..they just haven’t found their way into a mold yet. I suppose my self isn’t ready to identify with one of the things I do. However I am as guilty as the next as having asked that question before. Now though I am shifting to a new question. “What sort of things do you like to do”? Boom. Moved a few words around and the question opens up a person to share beyond their occupation. The things we enjoy are little reflections of ourselves. We maybe can’t do what we love all of the time, but that doesn’t mean we love these things less. We are all mysteries to each other and maybe to our own selves sometimes. Our biggest mistake is to over simplify one another. To just wrap up getting to know someone in learning
what they do.

Wherever you go, so with all your Self. Love and be open to all the Selfs.