baby hawksbill, the kind of turtles we saved

Last night I went on a night dive in Davis Bay where the dive shop is at. Usually I do night dives at the pier, where you have an easy reference the entire time. Even though this site is becoming familiar in the daylight there is an eeriness that nightfall brings. Fish sleeping, and coral polyps out feeding..things are just off from your daytime normalities. I love dropping down under the water as the sun dips beyond the horizon, then resurfacing under the stars. We walked the beach back to the dive shop recollecting the things we saw, and clarifying what our failed hand signals had meant. Almost back,  we slowed to a stop as we noticed the grass was moving with tiny little turtles. At first there were just a few..then the more we looked the more and more we found. They were heading in all directions, scrambling to the lights from the resort pool that they thought was the moon over the ocean. I ran and grabbed a bin to transport them to the beach. There were too many to count at this point I was crawling and collecting them from the bushes, as fire ants tore up my ankles, though I hardly realized how bad it until I saw the bites this morning. Each baby turtle I could pluck up and redirect to the beach was a little triumph. They were so precious, I wanted to put one in my pocket and take it with me everywhere, and talk to it about things we would see in our day together, I would take such good care of him. Though I would never really hijack a baby turtle to take home, I fell in love with each of these little guys and have been thinking about them all morning, wondering how many made it through the night, and how many will make it the week, or more..and if any of them will reach their possible 30 year life span. My guess is there were 60 or so that we transported back to the beach. Everyone that walked by joined in and we had a little turtle herder army by the time we were done. I may not be able to change the government, or stop the military…I can’t predict the weather, i can’t stop overfishing or program a computer..but I can make a difference for those little turtles. Of all the things happening in the world that I could touch, or be a part of last night, I’m blessed to be here.  Saving baby turtles. Godspeed little ones. Godspeed.