Our root systems help keep us grounded  emotionally. Some of us resist rooting down, and others never question it. In my context a root is a tie to physical space. A house, job, family, school. A hometown you love, a schedule, habit, or way or situation that is familiar and comfortable. Our habitual nature, predictable and safe. It is lovely. I crave it time to time, thinking it would be simple to know where I’ll be sleeping in 5 months, or next week even. To know I have a retirement plan and I just have to stay alive long enough to cash in on it. As fortunes go, my beat is a little different. It is one that needs to know what would happen if I go here, do that, make that, take that turn. Tiring at times, if not for me I know it is for my parents. It is a consistent struggle to maintain balance in the throws of life. To keep my head on straight, attached to my body and BE myself. To go with the flow, but know when it is my flow and not succumb to someone else’s. Not to say we can’t all flow together, we should flow and overlap and make people piles at all possibly appropriate moments. What I am getting at is when your only roots are a sailboat, how do you keep your center grounded? When things unravel for me it is like watching a helium balloon get whipped along with the wind until it is out of sight. Then I’m sitting there like the kid that just lost his ballon that was supposed to be tied to his wrist, but it came loose somehow unbeknownst to him. All the jazz and spirit that moves in me sort of just loses steam and I begin pondering those bigger life questions that don’t have answers in this lifetime. I also make run on sentences when I’m teetering.

As I feel like I am slipping, and running home sounds better and better and the surmountable challenges are seeming too heavy..I start feeling for a foothold to regain Me. To remember why I do all of this, and remember I am blessed to have the opportunity. This time getting back into the garden helped set me back on track. Just deciding I am stronger than I was acting. Gratitudes, music, breathing underwater, waking up early and riding my bike. All ways to stay thankful, humble and happy. In turn keeping the peace and the balance in the constantly shifting moments that I’ve pieced together for my life right now. What keeps you grounded?