The last month I have been trying to develop a website, and in the mix of it I deleted this blog, then realized I didn’t want to..and am just now able to post again! Well, I don’t know where to start, but where I left off will do. Last I posted things were up in the air. Stay, or go from the farm, leave or stay on the island. The why’s or what’s..or romantics about all of it I’m going to spare you because I need to just do a more business like briefing. I’ll do my best to make it chronological.

I left the farm. I bought a sail boat, with two friends. The boat is a 35′ 1961 Alberg, it has no engine, we had to fly to St thomas to buy it and sail it back to St Croix.  The boat has been around the world almost twice. I’ve been living on it since we bought it. I swam with a dolphin my first morning on the boat. I kind of had a job selling local crafts at a bar, I think it has stopped working out, but I got to be in a cultural fashion show. I got a housesitting gig, finish it tomorrow then do it again for the month of August. I am playing bass in a band, my first practice was last night. I’m learning how to play bass. I wrote my first song on the guitar. My parents sent my bike in the mail, and it came. I now am in Salt river marina, on the North shore of the island. I live on St Croix now, no longer just passing through.

Today I got a job. I don’t want to speak too soon but I think this job is perfect. Not easy, but I wasn’t looking for easy. I start right away. I’m a teacher for a summer camp, running their garden program. For some reason my timing is perfect, and they have a grant coming in for the garden program. I have a garden to revive, 300 +/- six to twelve year olds I will be making a garden based learning program for. Starting next week I foresee being tired  but inspired at the end of the day… But bring it on.