I have been apprehensive to post anything these past few weeks..because so many ideas of what’s ahead are floating around, and all are exciting. I do have a plan or two that are bringing me back to ground, and settling me in. I have decided to leave the farm. I danced with the idea of spending the summer, or the next year or so and really digging into what it is that I am supposed to learn here. Though I’m not really interested in growing annual crops on this scale, and with the amount of labor currently here that is all there is time for. I want to be building on my background in permaculture design, and expanding my knowledge of the tropical possibilities in designing edible landscapes. All the undesirables about this place I am thankful for, because it helped me not sign the long term contract that sat in front of me a week ago. Instead I gave a month notice that I was going to be moving off the farm. I have learned a new thing or two from this place about farming, but more importantly an immense amount about where I am not headed. I’m not into having someone direct and dictate my actions for 40 hours a week. It’s not money I am after, but I do need freedom to be creative in my work. Deciding to let go of the farm was a bit unnerving, you might even say dumb, because I was giving up my ‘house’ and food source without a plan for another. Though as soon as that door began to close others have opened, and are making it clear that this island is where I am supposed to be. I was hired on the spot on both occasions, to help a local artist in her boutique in the rainforest, and then to work at a coffee shop in downtown Frederiksted. Both within biking distances of a friends place that I’m going to be staying with…and another friend has a bike I can borrow. Things have dominoed into place. So I am going to call St. Croix home for the summer and see where that goes. A summer of diving, hiking, biking and sailing is ahead, sprinkled with music good food and a growing family of friends. I don’t like to say I change my mind all the time, because in my head change is loose. There needs to be time for limbo while the energies around, within, and between us sort it all out. Spending the summer on the island may settle me here, but the possibilities of the coming months are endless. Oh, and I realized it was the coconuts that have been making me sick. Go figure. The one food I thought could do no wrong apparently I have been overdosing on. I’ve cut back to practically none and I’m feeling much better, no double dragon episodes to be reported.