There has been a slightly dimmer side to all of the fun and excitement on St croix. Three nights over the past two months I’ve woken up violently ill. It is usually just an hour or so of intensity from both ends..and then it winds down, the fever breaks, stomach pains pass and I’m covered in hives. I usually can get back to sleep after, and feel relatively normal the next day. The first time it happened I was thinking it was wierd..second time I was more concerned..and now I’m realizing I need to get this shit sorted out because I imagine I’ll get to places where getting sick like this will be even more inconvenient than it is now. I can’t figure out anything that was the same from the times I’ve been sick. It feels like my body gets overloaded with histamine and freaks out on me. It’s definitely an allergy to one or several things, most likely food. But there is no where to go to get an allergy test, and frankly I’m a little bummed to even get back into this because I went through this before already over a year ago. Maybe the food allergy test I had before wasn’t accurate enough. I’ve had a few slip ups when I should be avoiding dairy and gluten.. some sherbert ice cream I thought was all good wasn’t..and sometimes I have a beer or two, usually just light ones though! Might of had some milk chocolate more than once too. Also my romantic evening climbing in a mango tree left me with a poison oak reaction from the mango sap (mangoes and poison oak are in the same family). I’m trying to not be disappointed in my physical body. This should be a good opportunity to embrace some new foods, and bring myself back into check. Although it’s hard not to feel handicapped with dietary restrictions, especially when you are at a restaurant and the servers eyes glaze over as I sheepishly explain the foods I can’t eat. I’m just going to not eat out till this is through. I’m not going to document this experience on my blog (don’t worry). Traveling and being sick sucks if you’ve been there you know, and sometimes we have no choice but to be our own doctors and listen to the signs from our bodies. Thought I would indulge you with something less glamorous of my island life. Wishing you good health and digestion, thanks for reading!