“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”
-Deepak Chopra

I scrambled up a tree to get a better look at the sunset yesterday evening. Whilst sitting in the saddle of this mango tree, Saba (the farm dog) was rustling around at the base, seeming frustrated I left her on the ground.  I took a moment to soak it in anyways. I’ve been watching the mangoes flower and now seeing them form their first fruits. Soon the trees will be dripping with mangoes and I can’t bring myself to leave the island until I can taste one. So my two month commitment has extended to Mango season (June) but it’s hard to know much past that. Being at this farm the last two months has shifted me back into alignment with myself. Challenges and the daily lessons have become my legos. Building me up to the the level of my lofty ideas and ideals. When I left Seattle I hoped it was still in me, to be independent, strong and adventurous, as a woman traveling alone. Now as my machete skills have improved I’m approaching warrior status. I feel empowered in my independence, and the uncertainties each day is bringing has made space for creative juices to flow. I’m lit up about playing music and singing, and am climbing trees and wandering around in the bush like a pre-teen. I think I was supposed to have been born in the tropics, and in a past life may have been a ninja or a robin hood equivalent. I’m also thinking that who we are and what we become is a mosaic of our experiences, and we can choose what most those are. We create ourselves, and it can be this beautiful unfolding process. Each person is their own masterpiece, so fill in, build up and highlight the parts you like, shade out what doesn’t serve you and keep your medium in arms reach. Love to you, and thanks for reading!