Another year, another Easter. Mom and dad aren’t here to hide baskets and eggs, but I decided to make it special anyways. This year Easter was an excuse to make a delicious meal, enjoy good company and drink before noon. The spread was impressive, and I’m still sipping on my second round of our fresh heirloom bloody mary’s, the second round is seeming to be a little stronger. Holidays as I get older are just becoming reasons to gather, it matters less to me the story behind how the holiday started, I’m more just grateful that it happens. Just to welcome a more intentional meal, a slower pace to the day and perhaps even a chance for reflection. The beaches on St. Croix have been full all week with tents and barbecues  It’s a tradition that people camp on the beach for Easter, not sure when or how it started but it’s great. It’s been raining buckets all day, quenching the crops and hopefully helping turn some of our brown grass back to green. Happy Sunday-Funday, Happy Easter, and happy celebrating.

Easter Brunch

coconut sweet rice

deviled (holy) eggs

mini gluten free vegan pancakes

with date syrup, and Jim’s dad’s marmalade

fresh farm salad

sprouted adzuki beans

green yard long bean stir fry

heirloom tomato bloody mary’s