We have been fortunate over the last month to have lots of musicians and bands staying with us at the farm. Bluegrass, americana, folk and a little hard core country have been keeping me up into tomorrows, and have me lit up about music lately. The most recent band left today, and it took me half the day to stop mourning their departure. I might have fallen in love with the six Georgia boys that compile Seven Handle Circus. Their musical talents hit you right away, but their sense of humor and genuine love of music and life leave a lasting impression. We all had a good time eating coconuts, drinking lots of rum, and staying up too late. On their last night we had a big pig roast or Farm-bq, and around 170 people came to eat and listen to the music. The huge turn out was a surprise and everyone had a really great time.  The boys’ arrival to the farm overlapped with a different band called Waller. They rolled into the farm off and on throughout their stay on the island, they slept in hammocks that they hung in the community center, and in the cabanas. Waller is also from Georgia, and were part of the reason for the Seven Handle Circus crew to come down. They played their beautiful music for us around the fire, and then for our ‘Tomato Jam’ one weekend, where we grafted tomatos and ate tomatoes cooked every which way you could want. Just before these groups we had a country singing redneck (in a good way), named CJ Garton. I usually ran into him wandering around with his bow and rum and coke, looking for deer. He didn’t end up getting any deer, but he did score some Mongoose, Iguana and Lobster that was used for the Bush Chef cookout. He graced us with some late night country ballads, twang and all, and filmed for his reality show called ‘Guitars and Grills’. All the music and excitement around the farm has been wonderful, but it does feel especially quiet when they all leave. Although the lulls in between the party time are good opportunities to catch up on sleep, and just have some peace and quiet with the land. Also to just enjoy playing some music myself. Never a dull moment down here at the farm, and always lots of work to do.