The last day of the week of ‘bush skills’ is a big feast. The idea is to in part use the skills practiced in the week, such as fire building, foraging and processing. Though I wasn’t part of the classes during the week, the day of bush chef so happened to be on my day off. I have a little experience harvesting and processing chickens. So I helped to process three chickens from the farm, and guided some of the visitors through the process as well. The chickens were all past their prime, and this farm at the moment has a surplus of chickens. Killing animals for food is challenging in a lot of different ways. My relationship with meat and animals has changed over the years. From vegetarian, with lacto sensitivites.. to eating eating only animals I knew where they came eating everything but dairy and gluten. Due to my decision to eat animals I need to remind myself every so often of the value and reverence for the lives that are given so that we can sustain our own. Hence why I volunteer myself to harvest chickens. After the chicken harvest the feast really was underway. The fruit salad was a mix of pomelo, soursop, papaya, coconut khafra, and coconut meat, so delicious. The theme of the feast is that everything was cooked with fire, and all the food came from the farm or was locally foraged or harvested. A pumpkin soup with coconut water broth and loaded with veggies and spices was cooked by placing hot stones inside of the pumpkin. Inside of a pomelo we cooked a small omelet. A pomelo is basically a white grapefruit. Also on the menu was mongoose, rabbit, iguana, chicken and lobster. There was so much food, and all of it was so delicious. Around 25 people came through at different times in the day, some to help, some to just sample something. Everyone who came tried something they hadn’t before. After the days festivities we migrated to a birthday party at Mount Victory a camp nearby..then made our way back and I found myself up till one in the morning playing music around the fire at the farm. Some nights life is too sweet for sleep. Enjoy the photos!