I can count on one hand the number of cockroaches I have seen in my life. Up until I arrived in the Caribbean. They have found their way into my water bottle, the sink, and up and down my legs. Everything inside of me was cringing at their presence. I have shattered jars and broken my brush from spasms when I realize a fat cockroach is making it’s way up my arm. They are native to the island, and are in high season at the moment. Even if I get the nerve to squish one, it is utterly pointless. They are not going anywhere. Not to mention they are pretty much harmless. Without realizing it, I have come to terms with the cockroach, perhaps love is a stretch but I am co-habitating with them. I even kept a few in a jar to see how long they would survive without air or food. They made it 3 days, hope you don’t judge me for that. In other news I fall more in love with this island and this farm with each day here. I am creatively inspired, and full of energy. Maybe it is all the sun, or the fresh farm food but I’ve been burning the late night candle around the fire and still can wake up at six am and work all day. I’m realizing that I have a problem going to bed when a fire is lit and music is being played. I will fall asleep sitting up before putting myself to bed. I’m trying to work on it though, it’s not sustainable. Today is a new moon, and I am filled up with gratitude for all the things and the people in my life that have brought me here. I am sinking into this experience with presence and love, and keeping space open and reserved for the guidance intended for me. I feel grounded and settled even with the overhanging temporality of this place. This next lunar cycle I am setting intentions to take more time to look at the stars, get to know some new plants, and avoid tequila. Happy new moon.