Yesterday I had a day off. I suppose I’m on a long term ‘vacation’ but I’m still working 40 hours. So on my days off I  need to recharge and it helps to just get off the farm. I borrowed the farm bike and gave myself a self tour of Fredriksted, and got in a few hot laps at the beach…and a nap. Fredriksted is the smaller of two main towns on St. Croix, and the one closest to us. The other main town is Christiansted. Some might describe Fredriksted as ‘hood’..or a little dicey in areas. I definitely stood out as the white girl cruisin around on a mountain bike, especially when snapping pictures. There is a beauty in the rustic shambles, and I couldn’t help but take a few photos. The people are a really friendly, they usually yell out something about how you look good..or how they want to get to know you..and want to know your name. Really just the men do that. Or they’ll give you a nod and say ‘afternoon.’ I like that more. There was a raw sewage spill that about knocked me off my bike it was so pungent. It was diverted into an open creek, and they ended up closing a few of the beaches. This isn’t a normal thing, I just happened to bike through on a special day. It was so wonderful to get on a bike again, I am recharged, re-spirited..and ready for more farm work.



  1. Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination: “a spirited campaigner”.
  2. Having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood: “he was a generous-spirited man”.