DSCN1256When I was 17 I bought my first car. She is a 1999 green subaru outback impreza. 80,000 miles later I am about to watch her drive away forever. This car is my longest lasting possession, and I didn’t expect it but a lot is coming up for me as it becomes real that I’ve sold her. This chapter of my life has been on the way out, but with the selling of my car its sinking in that I’m really doing it. I’m really leaving… I could go on for days of all the adventures we have had together, but I’ll just give you a teaser. I lived in this little car with a friend, after the 83′ GMC Rally custom van we were living out of in Hood River, OR. went kaputz. We have crashed in the snow together, and both of us always have come out unscathed. When 3 feet of wet snow slid off the roof of my double wide  and caved in her roof I still got to the mountain that day. Countless surf trips, road trips and overnights have happened from the back of this little car. Where although you could only extend your legs if they were in the air, I always slept like a dream. From Canada to L.A. this car has hugged the western coastline, and winded up many mountain passes. I lost count of how many times I was pulled over in this car, but I do know I got out of a few of those tickets. She has helped me move 11 times, and been filled to the brim with plants, roadside treasures, and camping gear. This car helped me to find freedom, to instill in me a fierce independence and hunger for the changing of landscapes. I tried to pretend like I didn’t need her…like a bike and bus pass was enough. But she was the one to take me hiking on the weekends, to get me out of the city. These last 6 years with my car have been special, but I don’t need her where I’m going and making her wait for me just wouldn’t be fair. So farewell my sweet Subaru, godspeed.