p1010551.jpg2012- you have been good to me. In short summary; this last year I graduated college, studied plants, gardened, ate great food, rode my bike, practiced yoga, and lived in my own place with my boyfriend.  As the year ended I began to look forward in anticipation of where I was needing to go next. I will admit I had grown comfortable, settled even. Great guy, nice place..a city with lots of opportunities. As great as being mature can be…I needed to break free, spread my wings, and check out what was happening in the world. Then insert myself into those happenings. So in 2013 it is time to Let Go. Let go of everything. Sell my car, give away my clothes, move out of my house, and surrender to life’s offerings. 2012 showed me I could love someone, and then still make the choice to go, it showed me responsibility, hard work,and the power of positive thinking.
The underlying..or overlying reason for all this letting go is to make space. To internally and externally make room for what is to come. To release my inhibitions, fears, judgements, and bring in love, compassion, and learning. It is time to for me to be in service to the present moment.
At the end of January is my jumping off point. I fly from Seattle to St John, in the US virgin islands. Here I will be with my sister and her husband for a few weeks. After soaking in the island life, and my lovely sister I will be hopping the ferry to St. Croix to work at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farming Institute. For two months I will be working the land with them as their CSA season takes off. More to come!